Lancelot Media Inc. is filled with noble knights who dedicate their will to fight for you and your business. We will team up with you personally to decide what is the best way to grow. Whether it’s online adverts, video testimonials or a powerful presence on social media; this Kingdom is right for you. We will work with you directly to create content that is to your liking, keeping you the King of your castle.

Knights of Creation

Lancelot Media Inc. is a multimedia and production company based in Newport Beach, California. LMI consists of highly skilled team members who specialize in anything from digital marketing to film production. At LMI, we focus on growing the digital presence of companies that feel they are falling behind in the ever-evolving technological world. Clients come to us for a variety of different services. Whether it’s social media management and marketing, general branding design, producing video testimonials, developing SEO caliber websites and landing pages, and so much more; LMI can do it.

The value that Lancelot Media Inc. brings to the round-table is insurmountable. We pride ourselves on our relentless will to produce results in the time frame you need, and we won’t give up until you are completely satisfied. We guarantee easy access to our team’s resources and unwavering support and consultation along the ride.


“After the battles come the rewards.”

-Latin Proverb


Follow us into battle.