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Bright and efficient marketers and filmmakers.

LMI has an amazing team of bright and efficient marketers and filmmakers. We used to film our own testimonials and advertisements and it’s a lot harder and more time consuming then you may think. At LMI, they make the entire process as smooth and painless as possible.

Nico Romero
Executive Vice President | HRBC Insurance / Riverside, CA

Seasoned production skills…

I have no time or mental capacity to handle this new digital world. I know workouts, not marketing. My company had been doing digital marketing in-house with virtually no ROI and it seemed like a waste of time. LMI came in and showed me the vast benefits almost immediately. With their seasoned production skills, they wrote original commercials and showcased my gym in a way I never would have imagined.

Brian Sesma
Founder | TRU Fitness / Laguna Niguel, CA

LMI saved my company.

Lifesavors. The entire marketing aspect of my company was stalled, I wasn’t getting any new leads and I wasn’t getting traffic to my website or any social media accounts. LMI turned my entire digital presence around. Now I show up in search engines and get solid traffic daily to my website and social media accounts. With new leads coming in weekly, LMI saved my company.

Luis Yero
Vice President | Americas Funding Group / Newport Beach, CA

LMI makes things happen…

Fantastic for all of my marketing needs. LMI makes things happen and give you that personalized attention. I needed to grow my business and get more customers and they really got my online retail store booming. I had no idea what I was doing when I opened my business but as soon as I started with LMI they really guided my business in the right direction. From SEO, to Google Ad Words, to Facebook Ads, to customized marketing videos, to getting me a bunch of positive Yelp and Google reviews, LMI literally helped me with everything to create a successful business.

Whitney Morgan
Founder | Honnie Hair / San Diego, CA


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